Our services for company registration and management

We offer a full package of business services to make it possible for our clients to focus on their core business.
You are welcome to use all of our services or just start with one consultation.

Company formation

We support entrepreneurs starting a business in a foreign country with local know-how and help you through the registration process making sure you don’t miss any necessary operations.


Accounting services

Perfect solution to the companies who wish to get all the benefits of an experienced accounting team without hiring a full-time accountant.


Legal services

Our lawyers support you in making business decisions advising mainly on commercial, labour and contract law. Additionally, we help to prepare documents, contracts, apply for registrations and activity licenses.


Virtual office

Every company is required to have a local legal address. Virtual office is also a suitable option for a company that doesn’t need a physical office.

1Office: Who We Are

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs, who do business abroad, offering strong local expertise to start, run and grow businesses.

We try to make our clients’ professional lives as simple as possible. We are physically present with an office in all countries where we provide services and speaking the local language. And to make the process of purchasing business services as simple as possible we have made ordering most of our services available online.

Our team consists of experienced accountants, lawyers and tax advisers. Our clients are from very different industries and from more than 60 countries. Based on this experience we are able to find solutions to complex problems fast.

1Office Specialists
Offices in Europe

Why choose 1Office


International experience

Working with more than 4000 companies from all over the world has taught us a lot. And we are ready to share it with you!


Local know-how

We have offices in 6 different countries. Our experts know the simplest procedures in public offices to get what your company needs as fast as possible.


No hidden fees

Only pay for what you need. Hourly services are sold with 15-minute accuracy and the volume of consultations is agreed with the client beforehand.


Simple process

Most of the services are available to purchase online. We are available to advise you face to face in the office, via e-mail, phone, online chat and Skype.

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