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    Sweden’s business climate is favourable for foreign entrepreneurs looking to expand or start new endeavours. With its stable economy, low level of corruption, and friendly business culture it is a good place to do business.

    However, the bureaucracy level is rather high and starting process can be complicated and time consuming. But don’t worry – 1Office is here to help you with starting your business in Sweden!

    To get started, you are welcome to book a free consultation with us or get in touch by email if you are interested in one the custom packages we have created below.

    1Office Services

    Accounting Services

    1Office offers comprehensive financial services to support businesses in managing their financial affairs efficiently. Our team also excels in tax preparation and planning, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and identifying strategies to optimise tax savings.

    We can set you up with an automated accounting service or create a custom solution specific to your business’s needs. Our dedicated accountants are always ready to provide support, advice and consultations when necessary.

    Company formation

    1Office can offer you ready-made Swedish AB companies with state fee included, which lets you start your business activities quickly or we can help you with the process of forming a company from zero.

    Our team of professionals has experience with many different industry types and can help you make the right choice of direction for your future business.

    Tax Registrations

    Before starting business in Sweden, you need to apply for several registrations at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Our comprehensive suite of professional services encompasses a wide range of administrative tasks required for your company’s seamless integration into the Swedish business landscape.

    Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you throughout the process, starting with meticulously filling out the application forms with your company’s pertinent information. With your approval, we will then submit the application to the Tax Agency on your behalf, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in all documentation.

    Virtual office

    For non-residents who have recently established their company in Sweden but do not possess a physical office space, an address service presents the optimal solution.

    As every company registered in Sweden needs to have a local legal address, which can be seen on the Commercial Register, the requirement of an address is of utmost importance for every registered company in Sweden.

    Customised services based on your specific needs

    A team on location with international experience

    Transparent pricing and no hidden fees

    Over a decade of experience in data security and compliance

    Establish a company in Finland

    Tõnis Jõgeva
    Client representative in Finland and Sweden markets
    +372 518 0354

    “As a client representative in the Finnish and Swedish markets, I have witnessed exceptional results that our clients have achieved. Our expertise in understanding the complexities of local regulations and providing tailored financial solutions has enabled businesses to thrive and make informed decisions, ensuring their long-term success in these markets.”

    Accounting services in Finland

    Mailika Hindrikson Muru
    Scandinavian Market Manager

    “1Office’s experience in Finland and Sweden has been defined by the remarkable success stories we’ve crafted for our valued customers. Embracing the Scandinavian ethos of meticulous attention to detail, we have empowered businesses to achieve unprecedented financial clarity and drive sustainable growth.”

    Start managing your business with 1Office

    Regardless of whether you need a full stack accounting service for your business or are starting out and are unsure which services should you start with, our experts with international experience are here to help you get started.

    So don’t hesitate any longer—send us an email or book a free consultation, and let’s work together to transform your ideas into a reality.

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    Extensive knowledge and experience in providing the best solutions to businesses across many industries

    Startups & freelancers

    Accounting for startups requires a flexible approach that accommodates rapid changes, uncertain revenue streams, and evolving business models. Custom accounting solutions for startups encompass specialized tools and methodologies to address these dynamics effectively. This includes implementing scalable accounting systems that can accommodate growth, providing real-time financial insights for informed decision-making, and establishing robust budgeting and forecasting processes to manage cash burn and runway.

    Information Technology

    An IT company, with its dynamic and rapidly evolving nature, requires a strong accounting partner to navigate the intricate financial landscape and achieve long-term success. 1Office as an accounting partner brings invaluable expertise in managing financial records, tax compliance, and financial planning.


    Construction companies require special attention when it comes to accounting due to the unique complexities inherent in their operations, particularly in subcontracting and managing payrolls. A robust accounting system tailored to the construction industry can efficiently handle subcontractor management, track costs, and accurately allocate expenses to different projects.

    Wholesale and retail

    Wholesale and retail companies necessitate custom solutions in accounting due to the nature of their business, where profit margins are often tight. These industries typically operate on high volumes and low margins, making it essential to closely monitor and control costs, optimize pricing strategies, and effectively manage inventory. A tailored accounting approach can provide the necessary tools and techniques to address the specific challenges faced by wholesale and retail companies.

    Biotech and healthcare

    The biotech and healthcare industry requires custom solutions in accounting due to the unique intricacies and regulatory requirements inherent in these sectors. Companies operating in biotech and healthcare face complex financial challenges, including research and development costs, clinical trials, intellectual property management, and regulatory compliance.


    The logistics sector demands custom solutions in accounting due to its intricate and multifaceted nature. Logistics companies face unique financial challenges, such as managing complex supply chains, optimizing transportation costs, and monitoring inventory levels. The sector’s success heavily relies on effective cost control, efficient resource allocation, and accurate tracking of key performance indicators.

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      Banking details

      1Office Sweden AB

      Company No|556862-7672
      VAT No | SE556862767201
      Address | Olof Palmes Gata 29 111 22 Stockholm
      Bank name | Swedbank AB
      Account details | BG: 266-4407
      IBAN | SE2380000832799142670125
      Bank name | Swedbank AS
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      Address | Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia

      Frequently asked questions

      Why choose a Swedish ready-made company?/ Why is it better to buy a Swedish AB?

      It is the fastest and easiest way to start a business in Sweden. The bank account can be opened later and the share capital must be paid in at the end of the first financial year, not right away. The minimum share capital requirement is SEK 25,000.

      How many board members the company must have?

      The company’s board must consist of at least 3 board members or at least of 1-2 board members and 1 substitute member.

      When is the contact person necessary?

      If at least half of the board members and/or substitute members are not residents of the European Economic Area, a contact person is mandatory.

      Why is registered address service necessary?

      Every company registered in Sweden needs a local address that appears in the Swedish business register. In most cases, the business address cannot be a private residence.

      How fast will the ready-made company be registered to the new owners?

      From the time the signed documents have reached the business register, the processing time is about 10 working days.

      When can the new owners start business activities with the company?

      If the company is registered to the new owners, the company can start making contracts, but in order to start business activities, it is also necessary to apply for tax registration (F-Skatt, VAT registration, registering as an employer if the company has employees). Applying for tax registrations takes about four weeks.

      How often does the company have to submit the declarations?

      The salary declaration is submitted by the 12th day of each month. The turnover declaration is submitted either monthly or quarterly by the 12th day.

      What is the deadline for submitting annual report and income tax declaration?

      The annual report must be submitted to the business register seven months after the end of the financial year. The income declaration must be submitted to the tax office six months after the end of the financial year.