Sell over Amazon UK and Germany marketplaces across Europe

1Office for Amazon is a unique solution for sellers anywhere in the world to gain easy access to business management tools needed for becoming a successful Amazon FBA seller in Europe. Everything can be accessed entirely online at the click of a button and all this ultimately saves you two of the most valuable resources – money & time! The best part – it doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside the EU, this package is suitable for everyone who fulfills Amazon requirements.

What problems will it solve for you?

VAT issues & Growing Costs

Sellers across the world find it challenging to register for VAT in Europe without having an EU-based company. And later, even those within the EU find it challenging to meet the reporting & accounting requirements without using an external expert. This generally leads to increasing accounting costs as transactions increase. But 1Office offers fixed accounting costs for sellers selling via Amazon UK or Germany.

Money-loss Transactions

Sellers in and outside Europe lose money on foreign exchange conversions, issuing refunds, etc. The Estonian company’s Payoneer account solves these challenges, since Payoneer offers some of the cheapest solutions to make payments and receive revenues, store currencies, convert foreign exchange, etc. 1Office customers also get special incentives from Payoneer as a benefit of the official partnership between 1Office & Payoneer.

Accessing European Business Banking

It’s difficult to get access to and later manage banking operations in EU, maintain foreign currency balances, make mass payments globally at low costs, etc. 1Office has partnered Payoneer, so sellers can get a European business bank account (IBAN). With this account, sellers can directly get paid from their Amazon account, receive & store multiple currencies and even get an international bank card for physical transactions.

Ease of Doing Business

Most countries have restrictions like the need to have a local partner or employee, mandatory physical board meetings, etc for non-residents, whether inside or outside the EU. Estonia has consistently ranked among the top countries in the world in terms of ease of doing business & number 1 in tax competitiveness. By using 1Office, sellers do not need to worry about any of these issues and can focus solely on running their Amazon business!

EU Company Online

Companies face challenges with paperwork and bureaucracy which do not exist with an Estonian company since everything is managed online through the world’s most advanced e-governance platform of Estonia. Especially for people outside the EU, it can be even more challenging or perhaps impossible to sell on Amazon in Europe. 1Office together with the Estonian Government’s e-Residency program, solves these challenges.


Amazon customers, especially Prime users, prefer purchasing products locally. With an Estonian company and the UK or German VAT number, sellers have easier access and the added benefit of the trust and brand value which comes with having a company in the EU. And of course, the Estonian company’s online management makes it more trustworthy, credible and transparent for sellers themselves as well.

'1Office for Amazon' package includes:

E-Residency Digital ID-card

The e-Residency digital ID-card is needed to create & manage your Estonian company fully online. The 1Office Amazon package includes assistance with the e-Residency card application. You can read more about e-Residency below.

EU Company in Estonia

Everything to establish an EU-based company in Estonia will be handled by 1Office, including the mandatory state fee, filing of application through the e-business registry, requirement to have a local address contact person service, etc. Sellers only need to focus on growing their Amazon business! You can learn more about Estonian company here.

European business account with Payoneer

Payoneer is an industry-leading global payments company that provides cross-border payments and is the official payment partner for Amazon globally. 1Office has officially partnered with Payoneer so sellers can easily create their account and even get special incentives as 1Office clients. You can read more about Payoneer below.

Amazon UK or Germany Seller Account

An expert from 1Office will help to create an Amazon seller account on the Amazon UK or Germany marketplace to sell as an FBA seller. Always contact us before starting the process of opening an Amazon account. If a final rejection from Amazon is already in the air, we can’t help you.

VAT Registration & Reporting

Amazon requires all European FBA sellers to be registered for VAT. 1Office has included the cost and processing of registering for VAT, and more importantly, the cost of VAT reporting which is mandatory to ensure smooth operation of the business, ensure timely VAT refunds and avoid being de-listed as a seller by Amazon for failing to meet reporting requirements.

Accounting service

It is essential for companies to ensure regular accounting and avoid financial challenges, with especially stricter requirements in Europe. Besides this, all sellers can actually reduce their accounting costs with the 1Office Amazon package since the cost remains fixed at €249 per month regardless of growing sales volumes if you follow the requirements stated below.

By clicking “Buy now” you agree with our Terms of Service.

Please note that your monthly accounting subscription fee 249 € starts automatically after your company has received the VAT number.

How does it work?

Online Purchase

After purchasing the package you’ll receive an email requesting certain information. Please send us everything as soon as possible, so we can move to the next step.

E-Residency Application

1Office will help you to apply for e-Residency. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks for the e-Residency card to be dispatched.

E-Residency Card Collection

The e-Residency digital ID-card is a government issued document and hence needs to be collected in person at an Estonian Embassy or collection center. A list of pick-up location can be found below. Upon collection, please remember to inform your 1Office account manager so we can proceed with establishing your company!

Company Establishment

As soon as you confirm collection of your e-Residency digital-ID card, 1Office will complete all the processes and make payments to establish your EU-based company in Estonia. Your company will be ready in 1-2 business days.

Payoneer Account

As soon as your company is registered, you will receive a special link which you can use to open your European business account with Payoneer and get special incentives since 1Office is an official partner, and so is Amazon!

VAT Registration

VAT registration in the UK or in Germany is handled by 1Office. We will also keep you informed on the process and related updates. The process can take 2-4 weeks.

Amazon Account

An expert from 1Office will assist you in the creation of a new FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) seller account to be able to sell across Europe*.

Accounting Setup & Selling Selling

As soon you are registered for VAT, we will finish the final step for setting up all accounting and reporting requirements so you can focus on starting to sell & grow your Amazon business!

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What is e-Residency?

E-Residency is a digital revolution for global entrepreneurs, powered by the Republic of Estonia

  • Estonia is the world’s most advanced e-governance platform, and through e-Residency, sellers anywhere in the world can receive a government issued digital ID-card to access the Estonian e-governance platform, digitally sign documents, legally approve decisions, declare Estonian taxes and much more entirely online
  • E-Residency offers the freedom to easily start and manage a global business in a trusted EU environment – you get access to EU Single Market and cross-border capital.
  • With e-Residency you can do business without travelling to Estonia.

Payoneer IBAN account

Payoneer is an industry-leading global payments company that provides cross-border payments.

  • With Payoneer’s fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, businesses and professionals in both developed and emerging markets can now pay and get paid globally, as easily as they do locally.
  • Additionally, thousands of leading corporations and marketplaces rely on Payoneer’s mass pay-out services to send funds to their beneficiaries worldwide.
  • Being an official partner of Amazon and 1Office, sellers who become 1Office customers get a range of added benefits to sign-up and use Payoneer for their Estonian company’s business banking needs.


E-Residency card

You need an e-Residency digital ID-card to avail of the 1Office Amazon package. If you do not have an e-Residency digital ID-card, 1Office will help you to apply for it. However, you will need to collect it in-person at one of these pick-up locations

Fixed accounting fee

You must meet the following requirements to ensure fixed accounting fee:
– All of the sales have to be done on the Amazon UK  or Germany marketplaces
– All of the purchases have to be done only on the Amazon marketplaces
– All transactions have to go through Amazon – all sales & purchases are shown in Amazon reports and all money movements are done via Amazon Payments
– The company has to use Amazon warehouse in the UK or Germany
– The company can’t have more than 1 bank account

Custom packages

Interested in the solution, but only need some of the features? Would like to use 1Office fixed accounting solution, but your activity is out of the requirements stated? Please contact us at to get your custom solution.

Always contact us before starting the process of opening an Amazon account. There are many traps in the process and we know how to deal with them beforehand. Whenever a final rejection from Amazon is already in the air, unfortunately we can’t help you.

By clicking “Buy now” you agree with our Terms of Service

Please note that your monthly accounting subscription fee 249 € starts automatically after your company has received the VAT number.

*Please note that our expert only provides assistance with creation or conversion of an Amazon account, submission of information, documents, etc. The approval and final decision is left to the sole discretion of Amazon, and 1Office cannot take any responsibility or influence this decision in any way.