Estonian company's taxes

Company’s Taxes in Estonia – Full Guide for e-Residents

The most important questions that e-Residents have when they want to start a business in Estonia are probably about taxes. Every country has its own rules and regulations about taxes, so you have to do some research before starting a company in Estonia. If something seems unclear or raises questions, then the best advice is to order a tax consultation to avoid any later disappointments with regards to taxes.

Overview of tax rates in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, UK, Latvia and Lithuania

Our tax consultation team has helped to put together a simple comparison table of the primary corporate and personal taxes in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, the UK, Latvia and Lithuania.   Corporate taxes   Tax rates Estonia Finland Sweden UK Latvia Lithuania VAT Standard 20%, threshold 40 000 € Standard 24%, threshold 15 000 € Standard 25%, threshold…

UK tax system

UK tax system in a nutshell

UK tax system is quite complex, so it is necessary to learn some basic rules to keep your company in good standing. We have gathered the most important information about taxes in the UK and wrote an overview of the main rules you should know.   The difference between financial year, accounting period and personal…