Successfully Applying for a Business Bank Account

The Guide to Successfully Applying for a Business Bank Account

Starting a business is an exciting endeavour, but before you can officially launch, you’ll need to set up a business bank account. This crucial step not only keeps your personal and business finances separate but also lays the foundation for financial stability and growth. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of successfully applying for a business bank account.

share capital requirements

Understanding Changes to the Estonian Commercial Code Regarding Share Capital Requirements

Starting from February 1st, 2023, there are some important changes to the Commercial Code. Instead of previous minimum share capital requirement 2500EUR, now there is no minimum capital requirement. As the smallest nominal value of a share is one euro cent, the share capital must be at least one cent from February onwards.

Why it makes sense to be a remote business owner?

Being able to work remotely and have a location-independent lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular and commonplace. People do not necessarily need to be at the office all-day, every-day and multiple studies have shown that remote workers can perform equally well, if not better than their counterparts. Working location-independently minimises costs, increases productivity and also leads…

E-Residents: Start an Estonian company with a bank account from Wise

Setting up your Estonian company with its own bank account details is now much easier with 1Office’s recent cooperation with international money transfer provider Wise. Customers can now establish a company, open a bank account and add other necessary services from one place. And all this can be done online and with only a few…