Classical and Fintech Banking

Classical Banking VS Fintech Solutions

Estonia, known for its innovative digital society, also has a well-established banking sector that blends traditional services with modern technology. Classical banks in Estonia play a vital role in facilitating financial transactions, supporting businesses, and providing various banking services to individuals. Ultimately, the coexistence of classical banking and fintech presents consumers and businesses with a diverse array of options, empowering them to choose financial services that best align with their preferences, needs, and priorities in today’s evolving digital economy.

share capital requirements

Understanding Changes to the Estonian Commercial Code Regarding Share Capital Requirements

Starting from February 1st, 2023, there are some important changes to the Commercial Code. Instead of previous minimum share capital requirement 2500EUR, now there is no minimum capital requirement. As the smallest nominal value of a share is one euro cent, the share capital must be at least one cent from February onwards.