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My company is closed by the government. What next?

In 2023 Estonian government introduced legislation that gave the business register the authority to delete companies in case their owners fail to comply with the legislation. Business register monitors if directors of the company fulfill their legal obligations and if they fail to do so, register may delete the company. Deleting takes place on two occasions:

Business Register

Understanding the role of the Estonian business register

The Estonian Business Register serves as the official repository for all legal entities registered within Estonia. It acts as a central database, providing comprehensive information about businesses, including their structure, ownership, and key details required for legal compliance. This vital resource plays a pivotal role in facilitating business operations, ensuring transparency, and promoting trust within the Estonian business ecosystem. From startups to established enterprises, the Estonian Business Register serves as a cornerstone for business activities, offering a reliable platform for accessing essential information and maintaining regulatory compliance.

share capital requirements

Understanding Changes to the Estonian Commercial Code Regarding Share Capital Requirements

Starting from February 1st, 2023, there are some important changes to the Commercial Code. Instead of previous minimum share capital requirement 2500EUR, now there is no minimum capital requirement. As the smallest nominal value of a share is one euro cent, the share capital must be at least one cent from February onwards.