Accounting services

in Finland

Wether you operate in Finland locally or with a foreign business, you can reduce your company costs by letting professionals handle your accounting in Finland.

Accounting from €95/month

Everyday accounting
Monthly VAT declarations
Cross-border accounting capabilities
Access to discounts for other services
Real-time overview of finances on the go

Save over 620€ a year with our bundle offer. 

Bring your accounting to 1Office and cut overhead costs with our business address service. Simply mention the bundle offer by contacting us directly. 

Over 15 years of international accounting service experience is at the ready to be deployed into your business.


Just say the word.

Professional accounting software is vital to the success of your business

1Office Procountor software

Procountor software for the professionals

Our accountants use the user-friendly accounting software Procountor to keep the costs down for you and your financials in order.

Reports to show you the health of your business

Access various reports for sales, payments, inventory, payroll and create custom dimension based on your unique needs.

Direct bank connections

Procountor can connect to a wide array of Nordic banks to ease the transfer of payments and bank statements.

On the go

Procountor has an intuitive mobile app, which gives you real-time overview of your financials on the go. Review unpaid invoices, results of the last 12 months and confirm payments directly from the app.

Establish a company in Finland

Get in touch with our business advisor

Tõnis Jõgeva

Business Solutions Advisor

“As a Business Solutions Advisor in the Finnish and Swedish markets, I have witnessed exceptional results that our clients have achieved. Our expertise in understanding the complexities of local regulations and providing tailored financial solutions has enabled businesses to thrive and make informed decisions, ensuring their long-term success in these markets.”

Tel:+358 40 196 9003


Foreign business in Finland

We have helped hundreds of foreign companies choose the right business path when coming to Finland.

Get to know the local tax laws

Local tax registrations and declarations are strictly enforced by the Finnish government agencies which can have an impact in the health of your business over time.

Choose the right path

Our local team and years worth of experience working with companies operating in different industries can provide your foreign business the correct information you need to me legal obligations and avoid unnecessary risks.

1Office Finland Accounting Services

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Providing our customers exactly what they need so their business can thrive.

Transparent pricing and no hidden fees

Our pricing structure is straightforward allowing a clear understanding of costs and payments.

A team on location with international experience

Our team’s international background and on-site presence offer valuable location-specific insights and perspectives.

Customised accounting services based on your specific needs

Our approach to your business is personalised and focused to deliver the best experience.

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