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We stand ready to provide you with the right tools to bring your business to Lithuania - from company formations to customised accounting services and tax registrations.


Build a strong foundation for your business in Lithuania, starting with a compliant company.

Business Register

Company formation remotely

Establishing a limited company (Uzdaroji Akcine Bendrove or UAB) in Lithuania is convenient and seamless by leveraging 1Office’s representative, who can efficiently act on your behalf during notary procedures.

This option is ideal for both individuals and legal entities, providing a hassle-free alternative to managing the intricacies of document completion across various offices.

Included in the service:

  • Company formation with one founding member and one director (please ask a quote if there are two or more founding members).
  • Preparation of registration documents in Lithuanian and English
  • Arranging transaction in the notary’s office in Vilnius
  • State fee and notary fees
  • Filing documents to the Business Register

Accounting services

Run your business by entrusting your company’s accounting with 1Office’s experienced accountants who know how to align with your business goals and industry.

Our comprehensive service ranges from vital accounting functions, including cashbook completion, registration of petty cash vouchers, purchase and sale invoices management, and verification.

Additionally, we ensure the preparation of social insurance reports and the delivery of declarations and reports to key entities such as the State Tax Inspectorate, Social Insurance Fund Board, Department of Statistics, and State Enterprise “Centre of Registers.”

Our accounting service starts with a one-time setup fee of 69€ which includes:

  • Setting your company up in an accounting software
  • Instructions about necessary accesses (Social Insurance Fund Board, State Tax Inspectorate, etc.)
  • Preparation of documents archiving and additional actions needed to manage your accounting

1Office Accounting Services in Lithuania
1Office Tax Registrations in Lithuania

Tax Registrations and Declarations

When your business in Lithuania generates €45,000 or more in turnover or purchases goods from another EU country that exceeds the amount of €14,000, it will be mandatory for your company to have a VAT registration.

Getting a VAT number in Lithuania as a company owned by non-residents is a complex process. In order to apply for VAT number your company must have an accountant registered with the State Tax Inspection, who has the right to submit documents to the Tax Inspection.

Included in the service:

  • Drafting the VAT application
  • Translation of Business Registry extract to the Lithuanian language
  • Submitting the application to State Tax Inspectorate (STI)


Providing our customers exactly what they need so their business can thrive.

Transparent pricing and no hidden fees

Our pricing structure is straightforward allowing a clear understanding of costs and payments.

A team on location with international experience

Our team’s international background and on-site presence offer valuable location-specific insights and perspectives.

Customised services based on your specific needs

Our approach to your business is personalised and focused to deliver the best experience.


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Establish a company in Finland

Tõnis Jõgeva
Client representative in Finland, Sweden and Lithuanian markets
+370 521 401 48

“As a client representative in the Finnish, Swedish and Lithuanian markets, I have witnessed exceptional results that our clients have achieved. Our expertise in understanding the complexities of local regulations and providing tailored financial solutions has enabled businesses to thrive and make informed decisions, ensuring their long-term success in these markets.”

Accounting services in Finland

Mailika Hindrikson Muru
Market Manager in Scandinavia and Baltics

“At 1Office, we’ve helped lots of businesses in Finland, Sweden, and Lithuania. We’re all about paying close attention to details and helping companies in these places get clear on their finances. It’s like giving them the tools to grow in a way that lasts.”


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1Office Sweden and Finland

Start managing your business with 1Office

Regardless of whether you need a full stack accounting service for your business or are starting out and are unsure which services should you start with, our experts with international experience are here to help you get started.

So don’t hesitate any longer—send us an email or book a free consultation, and let’s work together to transform your ideas into a reality.


Extensive knowledge and experience in providing the best solutions to business across many industries.

Startups & freelancers

Accounting for startups requires a flexible approach that accommodates rapid changes, uncertain revenue streams, and evolving business models. Custom accounting solutions for startups encompass specialized tools and methodologies to address these dynamics effectively. This includes implementing scalable accounting systems that can accommodate growth, providing real-time financial insights for informed decision-making, and establishing robust budgeting and forecasting processes to manage cash burn and runway.

Information Technology

An IT company, with its dynamic and rapidly evolving nature, requires a strong accounting partner to navigate the intricate financial landscape and achieve long-term success. 1Office as an accounting partner brings invaluable expertise in managing financial records, tax compliance, and financial planning.


Construction companies require special attention when it comes to accounting due to the unique complexities inherent in their operations, particularly in subcontracting and managing payrolls. A robust accounting system tailored to the construction industry can efficiently handle subcontractor management, track costs, and accurately allocate expenses to different projects.

Wholesale & retail

Wholesale and retail companies necessitate custom solutions in accounting due to the nature of their business, where profit margins are often tight. These industries typically operate on high volumes and low margins, making it essential to closely monitor and control costs, optimize pricing strategies, and effectively manage inventory. A tailored accounting approach can provide the necessary tools and techniques to address the specific challenges faced by wholesale and retail companies.

Biotech & healthcare

The biotech and healthcare industry requires custom solutions in accounting due to the unique intricacies and regulatory requirements inherent in these sectors. Companies operating in biotech and healthcare face complex financial challenges, including research and development costs, clinical trials, intellectual property management, and regulatory compliance.


The logistics sector demands custom solutions in accounting due to its intricate and multifaceted nature. Logistics companies face unique financial challenges, such as managing complex supply chains, optimizing transportation costs, and monitoring inventory levels. The sector’s success heavily relies on effective cost control, efficient resource allocation, and accurate tracking of key performance indicators.


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      Frequently asked questions

      Why do I need tax registrations?

      Registering for taxes in Lithuania is essential if you engage in economic activities or run a business in the country. Here are some reasons why tax registration in Lithuania is necessary:

      1. Legal Requirement: The law in Lithuania mandates that individuals and businesses involved in economic activities must register for taxation. It’s a legal obligation to ensure compliance with tax regulations.
      2. Tax Compliance: Registering for taxes allows you to fulfill your tax obligations accurately and on time. It ensures that you report your income, expenses, and other relevant financial information to the tax authorities as required by law.
      3. Avoid Penalties: Failure to register for taxes or non-compliance with tax regulations can result in penalties and fines. By completing the tax registration process, you reduce the risk of facing legal consequences and financial penalties.
      4. Access to Benefits: Tax registration makes you eligible for certain tax benefits, deductions, and credits provided by the Lithuanian government. This can help you optimize your tax position and potentially reduce your overall tax liability.
      5. Business Operations: If you run a business, tax registration is crucial for the smooth operation of your company. It allows you to issue invoices, enter into contracts, and engage in various business transactions while complying with the legal framework.
      6. Financial Transparency: Tax registration contributes to financial transparency. It enables the tax authorities to track economic activities, ensuring that businesses contribute their fair share to the public finances.

      In summary, tax registration in Lithuania is not just a legal requirement; it’s a fundamental step to ensure compliance with tax regulations, avoid penalties, access benefits, and facilitate the smooth operation of your business in the country.

      Why should I order address service?

      In Lithuania, it is a legal necessity for companies seeking to operate legitimately to possess a local legal address. This legal address is officially recorded on the Central Commercial Register and is accessible to the public. All official correspondence of the company will be directed to this address, and its visibility on the register is mandatory throughout the company’s registration period. For non-residents who have established a company in Lithuania but lack a physical office, opting for an address service proves to be the optimal solution.

      Can I start any kind of business with 1Office?

      Yes, almost any kind. We offer our services to startups, freelancers and contractors (software developers, IT experts, business consultants, marketing & sales specialists, designers, translators etc), companies working in wholesale, transport, IT, healtcare, construction, consulting, e-commerce etc. Unfortunately we can’t serve clients who deal with cryptocurrency.

      Which taxes do I have to pay?

      Every person’s and company’s tax obligations are different and depend on several circumstances. To find out which tax obligations or tax risks you specifically have, please contact us to book a personal tax consultation.

      Who has to submit annual report? What happens if I don't submit the annual accounts?

      Submitting annual report is required for all companies registered in Lithuania even if there is no activity during the financial year. When the annual report is not submitted, penalties may apply.