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Important changes in Income Tax Act

On July 1st more than 250 acts came into force or were changed in Estonia. Some of those are also important for entrepreneurs and in the following article we outline the most important points related to changing of the Income Tax Act and other related Acts.

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Calculating vacation pay in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia

In the following article, we will take a look at how employee vacation pay is calculated in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

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Bringing your business to Sweden is easier during this summer

If you have been thinking about expanding your business to Sweden, then now it’s time to make it true. For the entrepreneurs to have a chance to concentrate on their core activities instead of spending time to figure out which registrations they need, or where and how to obtain them, we have put together a special starting package for new entrepreneurs.

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How to avoid unnecessary taxation of your Estonian company?

We are in the high season of preparing and filing annual reports of limited companies in Estonia. Correctly prepared and approved annual report is the legal base for distribution of dividends to the owners.

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