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Estonian digital ID card certificates must be updated

On 30 August, an international team of researchers informed the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) of a vulnerability potentially affecting the digital use of Estonian ID cards. The risk theoretical and no ID cards have been misused, but all the ID card owners must update their certificates to be able to use their digital identity …

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International taxation of an Estonian company in a nutshell

In today’s world, most of the business is international. This means that the tax rules of several countries should be considered. It can be a little difficult at the beginning and it makes sense to get a tax consultation before making any decisions, but in this article we answer some of the questions our clients …

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14% income tax rate to be implemented on corporate income tax starting 2018

Until now, the Estonian tax system has been quite simple. Starting 2018, things will, however, get a bit more complicated, since under certain conditions a lower tax rate is also to be used. This article will shed a bit of light on the details surrounding the corporate income tax – who pays what?

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Important changes in Income Tax Act

On July 1st more than 250 acts came into force or were changed in Estonia. Some of those are also important for entrepreneurs and in the following article we outline the most important points related to changing of the Income Tax Act and other related Acts.

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