How e-Residency benefits entrepreneurs

Estonia is the first country in the world to offer entrepreneurs e-Residency. Becoming an e-resident provides you with a physical smart card (digital-ID), which allows you to use Estonian public and private services online. It also provides you with the ability to use digital signatures to digitally sign documents and e-mails and provides a secure method for encrypting files using the smart card, similar to the way that Estonians currently use the Estonian ID card. Public services include the use of the commercial register for creating and administering Estonian companies online. You can apply to e-Residency at

To hear more about the latest statistics listen to the live broadcast recorded on the e-Residency 2nd anniversary celebration in Tallinn.

Why is Estonian e-Residency good for an entrepreneur?

  • Establish Estonian companies online in a day via Company Registration Portal
  • Administer the company online from anywhere in the world
  • Open a bank account, e-banking (sole discretion of the banks)
  • View your tax accounts and submit online tax returns via the e-Tax Board
  • Access all your Estonian bank accounts with a single smart card
  • Use the digital signature on any official document in Estonia
  • Use the smart card to encrypt emails and files for free
  • Use Estonian public services via the state portal

What are the benefits for developers?

  • Consistently maintained digital ID infrastructure
  • Public APIs for secure authentication and digital signing
  • Government verified users
  • Complying with KYC requirements
  • Access to global markets, avoid country specific solutions
  • Co-branding with the e-Residency program
  • Access to e-Residency community

When are you not eligible for Estonian e-Residency?

  • You do not have a valid document from your country of citizenship
  • You do not pass the security check carried out by the Police, Security Services and the Tax and Customs Board
  • You do not have a connection with Estonia or a justified interest to use Estonian e-services

Which services do we offer?

e-Residency application support

We support our clients when applying for Estonian e-residency on the basis of the client doing business in Estonia. You can apply for the e-Residency online here. The e-resident’s digital ID can be collected from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board service points or your closest Estonian embassy.

Tax consulting

Estonia has a special corporate income tax system and this can be beneficial for accumulating profits within the EU. Please note that e-Residency does not have any direct influence on your tax residency. Being an Estonian e-resident does not mean that you become an Estonian tax resident. We consult non-resident entrepreneurs on international taxation. Contact our lawyer to discuss the taxation of your profits in Estonia.

Virtual office

We offer a registered office address with a call answering service in the Estonian capital Tallinn for companies owned by e-resident entrepreneurs. Virtual offices are located within our serviced office space and therefore meeting rooms and workspaces are available during your visits to Estonia. Read more about the virtual office service in Estonia here.


We are a full-service accounting firm specialising in serving e-resident entrepreneurs in English. We can assist with EU VAT declarations and customs procedures. Read more about the accounting service in Estonia here.

Company formation

Before the Estonian Company Registration Portal can be accessed with the e-resident’s digital ID, there has to be a justified interest to receive Estonian e-residency. Having an Estonian company may provide grounds for supporting your e-residency application. Read more about the company formation in Estonia here.

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