Legalization of location independent company set-up

Estonia’s government in connection with the e-residency project has implemented several amendments to Estonian legislation. The latest amendment coming into force from 15th of January 2018 unties the location of the company from the location of the management and allows to run an Estonian company completely from abroad.

Currently both – the company and its management – are assumed to be located in Estonia.

From 15.01.2018 the location of the company is indicated in the Articles of Association of the company and the management board may be located outside of Estonia.

The new Estonian law requires each company with the management located outside of Estonia to appoint and file an authorized contact person to the Business Register. This contact person has to be a certified company service provider, notary, lawyer, auditor or a tax representative. Contact person’s address will be considered as a legal address for the company.

What it means to non-resident company owners is, that if previously it was mandatory for a company to have a local Estonian business address in all cases and an authorized contact person in some cases (if more than half of the board members reside outside of European Economic Area), then once the changes to the Commercial Code take effect, an authorized contact person will be mandatory for all non-residents.

From 2018, all companies are required to submit their e-mail address and other contacts (phone numbers, fax numbers etc.) as well as the e-mail address of the authorized contact person to the Business Register.

The changes in the law also mean changes in 1Office Estonia price list. Until now the price to use our virtual office as a legal address for registering a company has been 200€ for a year and price to use an authorized contact person has been another 200€ for a year.

From this year, we offer an authorized contact person for 290€ a year and the legal address is included in the price. For the companies whose management operates from Estonia, the option to use only legal address remains available as well.

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