1Office Group

1Office provides business services to local and foreign entrepreneurs in five languages and from five European cities.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs who do business abroad. We believe our services make it easier to expand your business. Whether you want to operate in your home country or abroad, 1Office specialists can help you to start-up, grow and run your business.

Since 2008 1Office Group has grown and developed according to the needs of our clients. Today we offer company formation, accounting, legal and virtual office services. Clients are also welcome to consult with our Tax Advice team for professional and helpful advice.

1Office Group has five branches: 1Office UK, 1Office Finland, 1Office Sweden, 1Office Latvia and 1Office Estonia. The branch offices are in London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga and Tallinn.

Our vision is to be the first choice for business services in Northern Europe.

Sincerely yours
Ragnar Everest
1Office Group