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Our lawyers can help you with many different processes.  Just contact us and we will find a solution for your problem.

When you might need our Legal Services?


Company Formation process

  • Before starting your company, we recommend booking an international tax consultation. It gives you the overview about cross-border business taxation.
  • If company’s management board is located outside of Estonia it is mandatory to appoint a contact person. Our contact person acts as a first contact for all public institutions.

Company’s Representation process

  • If you own a company, you might need someone to represent you in front of private and public institutions and offices. It’s convenient for company owners who are unable to travel to Estonia all the time.

Company’s consultations

  • Consultations are needed in many cases. Our lawyers can help you with different commercial, contract and employment questions. Drafting legal documents and contracts, consulting about trading licenses, trademark registration and much more.

Company’s liquidation process

  • If you have decided to close your Estonian company, we can help you with the liquidation process. It takes at least 7 months but for the board of the company it is a passive period and our liquidator takes care of everything.

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