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Company formation with e-resident card


Suitable for e-residents and multiple founders. Online service for people who prefer to use our legal assistance during the registration process or want to establish a company with more than 1 founder.

Starting business in Estonia consultation


If you are not sure what option you should use to start with your business activities in Estonia, our consultation is perfect for you. We will cover everything – suitable starting options; company’s structure, liabilities, due dates; taxations and laws in Estonia.

Package: Solution for Amazon


1Office for Amazon is a unique solution for sellers anywhere in the world to gain easy access to business management tools needed for becoming a successful Amazon FBA seller in Europe. Everything can be accessed entirely online and it doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside EU, this package is suitable for everyone. Please note that your monthly accounting subscription fee 249€ starts automatically after your company has received the VAT number.

Company formation in notary’s office for foreign entity


Suitable for foreign entities who want to register a subsidiary company in Estonia. This process is longer than establishing a new company as a private person – after signing the documents in notary’s office, registering a company takes 5 working days, but the process all together can take approximately 2-4 weeks.