Over 20,000 companies have been deleted from the Estonian Business Register due to missed annual report submissions. This year, the Business Register is even stricter, with fines being imposed for even minor delays.

Don’t risk your company and avoid additional costs—order your annual report now! Our team of certified accountants is ready to provide you with reliable solutions.

Ensure compliance and safeguard your business today. DEADLINE for submitting annual report is 30.06.!

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Anna Muzõtšuk - 1Office

Anna Muzõtšuk

Head Accountant in Estonia
“Navigating the financial landscape of your business demands expertise, precision, and a dependable partner. We are not just a provider of accounting services; we are your strategic ally, ensuring a significant contribution to your company’s financial success. My team consists of dedicated professionals with top-tier experience, committed to helping you achieve financial clarity for your business. 

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Start Easy Accounting Solution

Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve crafted the Start Easy Accounting Solution—a streamlined approach that’s poised to make your entrepreneurial journey a breeze. This solution is exclusively tailored for businesses established no longer than 2 months ago.

Annual Financial Reports

Every company registered in Estonia is required to submit an annual financial report within six months following the end of the financial year. This obligation applies even if the company has had no business activity during the year. Failure to submit the report on time can result in fines and, ultimately, the removal of the company from the Business Register. Compliance with this reporting requirement is essential to maintain your company’s good standing and avoid legal consequences.

Accounting Services

Pay only for what you need. Our hourly-rate services are billed in 15-minute increments, and the scope of all consultations is agreed upon in advance with the client. With us, you can access your daily accounting, location-independent access to web-based accounting software, the ability to create sales invoices, and much more. We provide tailored solutions to fit your specific business needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency in every aspect of our services.

VAT Registrations

The obligation to register for a VAT number arises when a company’s taxable turnover exceeds 40,000 euros in a calendar year. However, a company can choose to register for a VAT number even before reaching this threshold. We take care of the application process, using the data provided by you, and submit the electronic application to the Tax and Customs Board on your behalf. This way, you can focus on more enjoyable aspects of your business while we handle the administrative tasks efficiently.
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Simple to use and accessible

My1Office is a personalized accounting platform that we’ve designed to make it easy for you to keep an eye on your business effortlessly.

  • Simply log in, and you’ll have all your company’s data in one place, accessible from anywhere in the world and in real-time.
  • We use e-invoices, which means less hassle and, of course, less paperwork for you.
  • You can effortlessly create sales invoices, submit expense documents, and maintain a constant overview of your company’s performance.
  • The results of the last 6 months, information about your top-selling products, and an overview of outstanding invoices – it’s all right there in one place!

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