Start Easy Accounting Solution

When it comes to managing your business’s finances, precision and expertise are paramount.

Choosing the Start Easy accounting solution you’ll be able to streamline your financial operations all the while maintaining accuracy and compliance every step of the way. With this offer, get your VAT registration for FREE (regular price 120 eur)!

Accounting is the cornerstone for any business

We understand that new beginnings come with their own set of challenges, and finding a reliable accountant is paramount. With a solid track record of 15 years in offering top-notch accounting and legal services, 1Office is here to support you. 

Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve crafted the Start Easy Accounting Solution—a streamlined approach that’s poised to make your entrepreneurial journey a breeze. This solution is exclusively tailored for businesses established no longer than 2 months ago. 

For 75 EUR + VAT per month, here is what you will gain

Accounting services 1Office

30 Transactions

From sales and purchase invoices to expense documents and bank transactions, we’ve got you covered. Based on a monthly amount.


Paperless & Painless: Say goodbye to paper clutter! Our My1Office platform ensures smooth document management.


Streamline expense tracking with our mobile app. Snap a pic, and watch it sync seamlessly. Snap. Upload. Done.

Dedicated Accountant

Enjoy dedicated attention from our skilled accountants who understand your unique business needs.

VAT Declaration

Let us navigate the complexities of VAT, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Effortless Salary Payment

We’ll handle the details of salary payment (1 employee) giving you peace of mind. 
Experience a Comprehensive Introduction Call with us, where you’ll have the opportunity to become well-acquainted with our range of services and gain a deep understanding of the My1Office platform. This personalized 30-minute call is designed to cater specifically to your needs, ensuring you receive the utmost value and insights into how our services can benefit you.
Viire Murak - Legal Advisor

Get free legal ABC consultation!

With this accounting offer you will get consultation on a pre-selected topic, such as investments or dividendis free of charge. The consultation is conducted by our esteemed Legal Advisor Viire Murak. See topics below.*

Business Registry requirements and changes in the registry.

• What information is reflected about the company, what is on the registry card, everything is public.
• How changes are made (e-res and non-e-res, some through amending the articles of association and some without, etc.)
• What happens if requirements are not met (CP, AR)
• Changes in 2023 and 2024

Capital requirements and involvement

• General capital requirements from 2023
• Involvement of investors (monetary/non-monetary)
• Requirements for amending and registering the articles of association

Issues related to selling shares

• What are the requirements (spouse’s consent, if the seller is a foreign company, etc.)
• Notarial and form-free
• Notary’s role, associated costs, RIK notification

Reorganization and termination

• Merger, division
• Liquidation

*Offer valid until 31.10.23

Darja Titarenko

Get in touch with our specialist

Darja Titarenko

Account Growth Manager

“Working with clients is an absolute pleasure for me as it allows us to build meaningful relationships based on trust, collaboration, and mutual growth. I take great joy in understanding every clients needs and providing tailored solutions. Witnessing their success and satisfaction is truly gratifying and fuels my passion for delivering exceptional service.”

Tel: +372 5194 6010


Manage it all from the My1Office platform

Company formation 1Office

Simple to use and accessible

My1Office is a personalized accounting platform that we’ve designed to make it easy for you to keep an eye on your business effortlessly.

  • Simply log in, and you’ll have all your company’s data in one place, accessible from anywhere in the world and in real-time.
  • We use e-invoices, which means less hassle and, of course, less paperwork for you.
  • You can effortlessly create sales invoices, submit expense documents, and maintain a constant overview of your company’s performance.
  • The results of the last 6 months, information about your top-selling products, and an overview of outstanding invoices – it’s all right there in one place!

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