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Virtual Office services are the most needed amongst foreign entrepreneurs because it is required to have a local legal address and a contact person for your business. If you are a local company owner, we also encourage you to use these services to make your everyday life more convenient.

Why should you use Virtual Office services?

To comply the law

  • Having a legal address for your business is mandatory. It can be seen on the Business Register and your company’s official letters will be delivered there.
  • If your company’s management board is located outside of Estonia it is mandatory to have a contact person. Contact person acts as a first contact for all public institutions.

Less costs and concerns

  • Leasing or buying an office space is expensive. With us you can choose to only use our meeting rooms as often as you need or rent your own private office room in the centre of Tallinn.
  • Don’t worry about furnishing your office, ordering coffee or setting up internet connection. We already have everything!
  • No concerns in receiving and sorting your letters. We accept all letters and forward them to your e-mail address.
  • You can also use secretary’s services to answer your calls.

Professional image

  • Having your company registered to a well-known business district address leaves professional impression to clients and partners.
  • You can have secretary answer your calls in local language and greet your clients or partners in the office.
  • You can work from home (or from under a palm tree), but you can still have meetings in professional environment.


  • Having a local phone number and secretary answering your company’s calls
  • Having someone receive, sort and forward your letters
  • Having a place where to invite your clients and partners
  • Not having to worry about little details
  • And that leaves you more time to focus on your real business

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