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About the services

Accounting Services

Get all the perks of internationally experienced accountant and only pay for the work your company needs.

Local know-how

Accounting is required everywhere, but the rules and procedures for it can be very different from country to country. We have the local team, who knows how things are done!

International experience

Our clients are from more than 60 countries and from wide range of industries. Most probably we have already seen concerns similar to your companies’, hence able to find quick solutions.

Accounting teams in 6 countries

Expanding your business to new markets is always a challenge. The accounting rules differ from country to country, but our service is built up similarly in all our markets, so it will one less thing to worry about.

Only pay for work your company actually needs.

Monthly invoices with 15-minute accuracy. If no accounting is needed for some months, then you won’t be invoiced for this either.

Company formation

Starting a company can be a time consuming process. We will help you through the entire process and make all sure that you are aware of all market-specific aspects.

Establish a company from scratch

Depending on a country it is necessary to know local law and very often also a local language. We offer the full range of services related to company formation.

Purchase a ready-made company

Purchasing a ready-made company is generally a faster way to take up business in a foreign country. The companies we sell do not have any previous history.

Establish a company in the self-service portal

Private persons with an Estonian ID code can register an Estonian company online themselves. The process takes around 15 minutes and the company will be registered at the Business Register within 48 hours.
Start a company

Virtual office

A flexible solution for a company for which the existence of a full time physical office is not necessary or to entrepreneurs who need a legal addresss to establish a company abroad.

Legal address

Every company needs to have a local legal address and mostly it’s not allowed to be a residential address.

Mail service

Mail sorting and forwarding by e-mail/or mail forwarding by sending unopened letters by post.

Call answering service

We offer a local phone number for your company and answer with a personalised greeting in a local language.

Meeting rooms

Many companies do not actually need an office, because work is mostly done online. But it is still good to hold your meetings in a professional office.

Taxation of import goods

Legal services


Understanding legislation and putting it into context helps to organise business better. We advise you on legal topics related to companies – mainly on commercial, labour and contract law.

Legal documents

We help you with drafting legal documents (PoA, contracts, resolutions).

International tax consultation

Our tax team supports entrepreneurs with assessing tax risks and offering solutions in case of international business.