Benefit from e-residency and start your company in Estonia

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Expand your business into Northern Europe

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Changes in Latvian taxes from 2018

In 2018 several changes take place in Latvian tax system. Like anything new, the changes in the system will take time to get used to and will initially create more work for accountants. In this article, we bring out the most important changes. In quite many changes Latvia actually follows the lead of its neighbor …

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7 reasons to establish a company in Latvia

We established a business in Latvia and here are some reasons why you should consider bringing your business to this market too.

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Tax risks in connection with permanent establishment and possible consequences

We have written this article for entrepreneurs leading a business overseas, managing a company from abroad or paying a salary to a representative in a foreign country for selling goods or services of the company.

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1Office business services now available in Latvia

1Office Group opened its new office in Latvia. This marks the firm’s 5th location in the Northern Europe.

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