Benefit from e-residency and start your company in Estonia

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Expand your business into Northern Europe

1Office Group CEO Ragnar Everest in an office.

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Ragnar Everest

CEO of 1Office Group

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1Office business services now available in Latvia

1Office Group opened its new office in Latvia. This marks the firm’s 5th location in the Northern Europe.

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What are the primary forms of business in the UK?

When starting up a business one of the first things you need to do is to decide the right legal type of business.

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Market variations between Finland, Sweden and the UK

Starting a business in a new market doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult when you know about each country’s specifics.

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Starting a business in Finland

The Finnish business scene is just at the point where new ideas and ways of doing things are welcomed with open arms, yet the markets are not yet cut-throat competitive.

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