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Company formation in notary’s office UAB


Company, named Uzdaroji Akcine Bendrove or UAB in Lithuanian, formation in notary’s office is suitable option for private persons and legal entities who want to avoid the trouble of taking care of filling all necessary documents to different offices themselves.

VAT registration


In Lithuania a company has to be registered as VAT payer when the company’s taxable annual turnover exceeds 45 000 euros or if the company purchases goods for more than 14 000 euros from other EU countries.

Representation by power of attorney


Representation by 1Office in front of private and public institutions and governmental offices in Lithuania. Suitable for clients unable to travel to Lithuania to perform necessary actions.

Accountant’s hourly fee


Let professionals take care of your company’s accounting so you could focus on your real business. The exact volume and accounting procedures will individually be agreed on with each client.

Annual Report


Every company registered in Lithuania has to submit annual report to the Lithuanian Center of Registers. It has to be prepared in Lithuanian and in the currency officially applicable in Lithuania (EUR).