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My1Office is a platform created to make your business simple.

It is a new home for everything that is connected to your business – from creating a company to

managing your post, accounting, financials and legal documents.

Set up your company inside my1Office

–     Easy to use portal where everything is done with one application
–     Information moves directly to the Business Register
–     Meet all the requirements inside the platform – add address service, fill in all necessary forms and submit beneficial owner information. All this to have your company fully compliant
–     Start your business in Estonia, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland or Sweden

My1Office contracts

–     Create contracts without a lawyer involved

–     Nearly 100 pre-built contract templates for Estonian companies

–     5 carefully handpicked and most often used contract templates in Sweden and Finland

–     Fully digital contract automation system – create contracts from templates, share them with your clients or business partners for reviewing, commenting, and digital signing.

–     Good overview of your contract’s status, process, and deadlines


Manage your company inside my1Office

–      Access all the physical letters arriving at your company’s address. Letters will be scanned, organized and available in minutes

–    Sales invoices module My Invoices – create and manage multi-currency sales invoices

–    Purchase invoices module My Purchases – upload, forward and store your expense documents

–    Have an overview of your financials and incomes

Some things are allowed to be simple

Come and see how my1Office can work for your company

My1Office takes care of all your company's needs

–     Order legal documents and consultations

–     Get translations to your letters or documents

–     Visit informative knowledge base

–     Have an overview of approaching deadlines and events in a detailed business calendar

Everything in one place

–      My1Office is accessible from everywhere and from any device

–      No need to log in to different programs, everything is visible in one place

–      Available to all 1Office clients without any additional charges

–      Available to both starting companies and for already existing companies

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Hi, I’m Tõnis, from Estonia – In my daily work, I help freelancers, digital nomads, and e-commerce businesses to start a company abroad in the simplest way possible. 1Office is made for making business simple – as we say. And we really do it – helping to save on costs, bureaucracy, paperwork, and accounting and cooperate with e-Estonia and e-residency of Estonia.  


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