Start a company in Estonia

with My Money account & IBAN

Step 1: Check if your desired company name is available

Step 2: Choose subscription package based on your needs

Popular pick
Subscription-based packages for e-residents
Choose your fit or contact us for a custom solution.
The most affordable and simple option to get your business started.
15€ / mo*
* billed annually

Package for multiple founders
Entry-level solution with annual report for starting businesses.
49€ / mo

Package for multiple founders
Fly +
Solution with full accounting and personal accountant for small & growing businesses.
99€ / mo

Package for multiple founders
Solution for selling goods and services. Unlimited sales transactions on platform.
249€ / mo

Package for multiple founders
Company registration
Founding a company in Estonia requires a one-time company registration fee of 299€, which includes the state fee of 265€ and technical support.
my1Office platform + mobile app
A home for everything that is connected to your business, including post management, accounting, financials and legal documents + knowledge base, customer support, company's calendar with deadlines. You can also access everything through my1Office mobile app.
NEW My Money account and IBAN
1Office customers can access fast global transfers, borderless cards and bank-beating FX rates through My Money, your financial home, powered by Airwallex. My Money is included in all 1Office packages - with Start package 1 free account opening, with Fly and Fly+ up to 2 account openings.
Address and contact person
Address and contact person services with digital post management system and mail processing
My Invoices
Easily create sales invoices inside my1Office platform, send out the invoices to clients directly from the platform and get an overview of the invoices with a possibility to mark if the invoices are paid or not. Please note that packages include accounting with the software provided by us. If you prefer to use your own software, contact us for a custom offer.
NEW My Purchases
Upload expense documents via My Purchases dashboard, forward expense documents via e-mail or by taking a picture of the documents and uploading it directly to My Purchases via my1Office mobile app.
My Annual Report
The Fly package includes transaction volume up to 100. Additional annual accounting transaction volumes are available for an extra one-time fee of 65 € / per 50 extra documents. The Fly+ package includes unlimited transaction volume. Annual report will be provided if you have subscribed to the package for the whole financial year.
Dedicated accountant
An experienced accountant from our team to work with your company.
Processing up to 30 transactions per month
Sales invoices, purchase invoices, expense documents, bank statement transactions. Additional transaction volumes are available for an extra fee of 30 € / per 30 extra entries.
VAT registration and monthly declarations.
Submitting the declaration in time requires live document forwarding. With Fly+ package, the VAT registration and declarations are available for only companies offering services. If the company is selling goods, the e-commerce package should be chosen.
Salary calculations
For 1 employee. Additional salary calculations available for an extra fee of 20 € / per employee
OSS/IOSS registration + declarations
OSS is a special VAT scheme for companies who sell goods or digital services to end consumers or non-VAT registered companies in the EU countries. An additional IOSS scheme was created to simplify the declaration of low-value goods imported from the third countries to the EU end customers.
Unlimited sales on 1 platform
Unlimited sales on one channel is included in the package (for example Amazon DE). Additional sales platforms or countries are available for an extra fee of 30 € / per platform, per month.
1 EU VAT compliance
If the business needs an additional VAT number in an EU country, we can help with the VAT compliance. Additional EU VAT registrations (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ireland) are available for a one-time fee of 299€ / per country. Additional EU declarations are available for an extra fee of 35 € / per country, per month.
The most affordable and simple option to get your business started.
15€ / mo*
* billed annually
Entry level solution with annual report for small and starting businesses.
49€ / mo
Solution with full accounting and personal accountant for small & growing businesses.
99€ / mo
Solution for selling goods and services. Unlimited sales transactions on platform.
249€ / mo

Services are provided based on 1Office Terms of Service. Founding a company in Estonia requires a one-time company registration fee of €299, which includes the State Fee of €265.

Didn’t find a suitable solution? Check our other services or contact the sales team for a custom solution.

Not an e-Resident yet?

No worries, we have a perfect package for you!

  • Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity that empowers entrepreneurs around the world to set up and run location-independent business.
  • With e-Residency you can do business worldwide without travelling.
  • If you don’t have e-Residency yet, we can help you to apply and go through the whole process without any hassle.

Already an e-Resident?

You can have your company by tomorrow!

  • Sign up to my1Office and fill in the form
  • Add additional services like legal address, contact person, accounting and Wise or Payoneer IBAN account
  • Sign the application and pay
  • The portal has direct connection with Estonian Business Registry, therefore your company will be ready in 1 working day

All 1Office customers get access to My Money

Free & online

account opening

(incl. IBAN account)

Trade locally and

globally with bank-

beating FX rates

Simple pricing,

no monthly or

annual fees

Fast global transfers

and borderless


Why open a company in Estonia with 1Office?

Direct connection with Estonian

Business Registry, fully online process

Adding IBAN account to

your company is easy and fully online

Supporting all businesses (incl.

Amazon FBA and dropshipping)

Licenced service provider

powered by e-Residency

Estonian private limited company OÜ

No paperwork

Estonia is one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world. Bureaucracy level is minimal – you can sign your documents online and run your company from anywhere in the world.

No need to travel to Estonia

Filling in company formation documents in my1Office takes only 15 minutes and after a day you officially have a company in Estonia. The process is 100% online thanks to your digital ID-card.

Unique share capital rules

The minimum share capital for a Private Limited Company is just €2,500 and as long as you don’t pay dividends, you don’t have to pay it in.

Low administrative costs

Running your EU-based business in Estonia means lower costs for you. Company formation is a one-time cost. If you need contact person, legal address or accounting we also offer these services with reasonable prices.

Estonian company is perfect for:


Estonia is one of the friendliest and fastest-growing startup hubs in EU. It’s really the best place to carry out your original ideas and launch your startup.

Digital Nomads

E-residency and 1Office Company Formation Portal fits perfectly with digital nomad lifestyle. Company’s that can be started fully online, is not fixed to any location and is manageable online.

Buying and selling physical goods

We also support all the businesses that operate in wholesale or other sectors that require buying and selling physical goods.

Amazon FBA and dropshipping

By registering a company in Estonia you can start selling your products on Amazon European marketplaces.

Freelancers and contractors

In EU it is not possible to issue invoices as a freelancer if you don’t have your own company. So the easiest solution is to start a company with access to the EU market and payments


Although the cryptocurrency business has huge popularity, then we recommend to seek advice before starting with it. The crypto business is considered as high risk field and it is under regulated.  Opening an account in a bank or with a fintech provider will be the biggest hurdle to tackle.

Company management services

Legal address

Legal address

Every company in Estonia needs to have a local legal address.
The address can be seen on the Business Register and your company’s official letters will be delivered to this address. 1Office legal address service also includes receiving and forwarding your letters.
Price: 16€/month. 

Legal address + Contact person

Legal address + Contact person

If your company’s management board is located outside of Estonia, it
is mandatory to have a contact person. Contact person acts as a first contact for all public institutions. Service includes legal address so you get contact person, legal address and mail service all in one.
Price: 24€/month.  



Every company registered in Estonia has to submit the annual report
once a year. If the company has the VAT number (mandatory for companies with EU turnover more than 40 000€) or if the company pays salaries to employees, monthly declarations are also mandatory.
From 65€/month.  

My Money account and IBAN

My Money account and IBAN

1Office customers can now access fast global transfers, borderless cards and bank-beating FX rates through My Money, your financial home, powered by Airwallex. You can add the banking solution directly from my1Office – no branch visits required.
Opening the account is free of charge.  

Process flow for Estonian company registration

  • Step 1


    Create an account and log in.

  • Step 2


      Fill in all necessary fields.

  • Step 3


    Choose additional services and confirm your order.

  • Step 4


    After payment you get KYC form that you need to fill.

  • Step 5


    Your company will be officially registered in 1-2 working days.


Serving all clients regardless of their field of business

From consulting, e-commerce, wholesale and construction to startups, digital nomads, Amazon FBA and even cryptocurrencies.


Local team with international experiences

Whether you do business locally or globally, we have all the know-how you might need.


Transparent and fair pricing with no hidden costs

One-time fee for starting your company, pay monthly for only additional services like legal address, contact person and accounting.


Full package from one place with only 15 minutes

Add all the services you might need – legal address, contact person, mail service, accounting, annual reports, tax consultations and even banking solutions.


Secure process and trustworthy company

We are powered by Estonian e-Residency and authorized by Estonian FIU. All companies registered with 1Office are regarded as trustworthy and compliant.

Why register a company in Estonia?

Here is a short list of the main reasons why entrepreneurs love Estonia:

  • Low level of bureaucracy
  • Simple tax system
  • 0% corporate income tax
  • Access to governmental online services
  • Signing documents digitally
  • Low state fees
  • Membership of the EU, Eurozone, NATO, OECD and Schengen Area

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Who can register an Estonian company in my1Office?

The portal can be used by Estonians and Estonian e-residents with ID card. The portal is designed for company registration for private persons and companies with one founder.

How can I use ID-card?

The instructions about ID card can be found in here.

Do you accept customers from all countries?

We accept customers from all over the world except limitations due to anti-money laundering policies. Therefore we can’t, unfortunately, support countries who are on FATF High-Risk countries list, in FATF Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring list, or in the EU high-risk countries list.

Can I start any kind of business with 1Office?

Yes, almost any kind. We offer our services to freelancers and contractors (software developers, IT experts, business consultants, marketing & sales specialists, designers, translators etc), Amazon FBA, companies working in wholesale, consulting, construction, e-commerce, etc.

Do I need to pay in the share capital while establishing a company?

According to the law the share capital for Estonian company is 2500-25 000 euros. You don’t have to deposit the share capital immediately, but it must be paid in before you start paying dividends.

I am an e-resident of Estonia. Do I still need a legal address for my company?

Yes. According to the Commercial Code every company registered in Estonia needs an Estonian address.

Can I use a post box address for a legal address?

No. Estonian Commercial Code does not enable registering a company at a post box address.

Which taxes do I have to pay?

Every person´s and company’s tax obligations are different and depend on several circumstances. To find out which tax obligations or tax risks you have please book international tax consultation.

Who has to submit annual report? What happens if I don't submit the annual report?

Submitting annual report is required for all companies registered in Estonia even if there is no activity during the financial year. When the annual report is not submitted, then the Business Register may decide to delete the company.