Start a company in Finland

with My Money account & IBAN

Why to start your business in Finland?


Everything 100% Online

  • Quick & easy process
  • No need to travel
  • Minimum capital requirement 0€

Advanced Economy

  • Digital public services
  • Stability in economy & politics
  • Innovative & business-friendly environment

Geographical Location

  • Access to the EU Single Market
  • Finns speak English and Swedish
  • Nordic ecosystem & proximity to Russia

Easy to Grow and Manage

  • Wealthy target market
  • Small starting investments
  • Tax incentives that support consumption

It's perfect for:

Startups & freelancers

Finnish startups continue to attract the most venture capital in Europe. Finland ranked #2 tech-ready country in world. Helsinki ranks #2 best city in the world for startups. It’s really one of the best places to carry out your original ideas.

IT sector

Finland has Europe’s highest share of ICT specialists who are highly qualified and eager to make your company’s dreams happen. IT also receives lots of investments and attention – after all Nokia, Wolt and even Angry Birds are from Finland.

Construction sector

Many entrepreneurs expand their construction businesses to Finland as this sector is really profitable and there are lots of reasonably priced foreign workforce. Therefore, the construction industry has become one of the most international businesses in Finland.

Buying & selling goods

We also support all the businesses that operate in wholesale or other sectors that require buying and selling physical goods. Selling can happen through online channels or locally on-site. Finland is a consumer society and the purchasing power has increased rapidly during the last years.

Biotech, healthcare & medicine sector

Finland is facing a rapidly ageing population, therefore, they invest a lot in medicine, healthcare and all the technical solutions helping these sectors. Finnish health tech exports 2.1 billion and Finland is #2 in The Global Cleantech Innovation Index.

Transport sector

The transport sector in Finland is very well-developed and gets lots of investments from foreign investors. Finland also came out with the National Growth Programme for the Transport Sector to develop ecosystems and customer-oriented services.

Why 1Office?

Full package with a banking solution & insurance

Add all the services you might need – address service with mail forwarding, monthly accounting, annual accounts, tax registrations, different legal and tax consultations. You can even add My Money account and IBAN & insurance directly from the portal with only one click.

Local team with international experiences

Whether you do business locally or globally, we have all the know-how you might need. We help you with accounting, legal questions, tax registrations etc. We have thousands of international clients and offices in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, UK, Latvia and Lithuania.

Transparent & fair pricing with no hidden costs

One-time fee for starting your company, pay monthly for only these additional services that you need – address service, accounting, consultations. All our fees include state fees and administrative fees – there will be no unexpected costs or bad surprises for you.

Secure process and trustworthy company

We have been operating more than 11 years in 6 different European countries. All companies registered with 1Office are regarded as trustworthy and compliant. Your delicate data is treated in accordance to GDPR rules and we collect it only to meet all anti-money laundering regulations.

Process steps:

Sign up to my1Office and fill in the form
Add additional services – address, accounting and insurance to your order.
We will go over the information and send you the application that needs to be signed.
Print it out, add signature, take a picture and upload it back to my1Office.
We send you all the details about the company, tax registrations and accounting.
You can start your business activities.

All 1Office customers get access to My Money

Free & online

account opening

(incl. IBAN account)

Trade locally and

globally with bank-

beating FX rates

Simple pricing,

no monthly or

annual fees

Fast global transfers

and borderless


Additional services

Accounting & Tax registrations

Tax registrations & accounting

Before starting business activities several registrations are needed.
We will help to figure out which registrations you need and get you through the process. Every company must also submit an annual report once a year. It’s mandatory even if the company has no activity during the year. If you need monthly declarations, we also offer monthly accounting.

My Money account and IBAN

My Money account and IBAN

1Office customers can now access fast global transfers, borderless cards and bank-beating FX rates through My Money, your financial home, powered by Airwallex. You can add the banking solution directly from my1Office – no branch visits required.
Opening the account is free of charge.

Legal address

Legal address

Every company registered in Finland needs to have a local address.
It serves as the official correspondence address for delivering official letters and it can be seen on the Register. Address is necessary for as long as the company is registered. It’s the best solution for non-residents who have a company in Finland but don’t have an office here.



Mandatory pension insurance is provided by independent companies.
Our partner Varma provides compulsory pension insurance for both entrepreneurs and employees. Varma insurance specialist will contact you after the registration process and give tips how to set up your company insurances depending on the nature of business.


Who can register a company in my1Office?

The portal can be used by both residents and non-residents of Finland. It is perfect for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start their business in Finland. The portal is designed to make registering a company easier than it is in Commercial Register.

We accept customers from all over the world except limitations due to anti-money laundering policies. Therefore we can’t, unfortunately, support countries who are on FATF High-Risk countries list, in FATF Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring list, or in the EU high-risk countries list.

Why should I order address service?

In Finland it is a legal requirement that all companies that want to trade legally in Finland have a local legal address. Legal address is the official address that can be seen on the Central Commercial Register and it is publicly available to everyone. All company’s official letters will be sent to this address. It is necessary for as long as the company is registred. Address service is the best solution for non-residents who have started their company in Finland but don’t have an office here.

Why do I need tax registrations?

Applying for tax registrations is mandatory before starting business activities in Finland. They need to be done at the Finnish Tax Agency (Vero). The most popular registrations are VAT payer registration, Employers’ registration and Prepayment registration. We can help you to decide, which registrations your company needs and in which order to apply for them.

Can I start any kind of business with 1Office?

Yes, almost any kind. We offer our services to startups, freelancers and contractors (software developers, IT experts, business consultants, marketing & sales specialists, designers, translators etc), companies working in wholesale, transport, IT, healtcare, construction, consulting, e-commerce etc. Unfortunately we can’t serve clients who deal with cryptocurrency.

I am a resident of Finland. Do I still need address service for my company?

You can use your Finnish address if you have one, but company’s legal address will be public, so it is not recommended to use your home address as it will not be private any more.

Which taxes do I have to pay?

Every person’s and company’s tax obligations are different and depend on several circumstances. To find out which tax obligations or tax risks you specifically have, please contact us to book a personal tax consultation.

Who has to submit annual report? What happens if I don't submit the annual accounts?

Submitting annual report is required for all companies registered in Finland even if there is no activity during the financial year. When the annual report is not submitted, penalties may apply.