Start a company in Ireland

with My Money account & IBAN

Step 1: Check if your desired company name is available

Step 2: Choose the monthly subscription package based on your needs

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Subscription-based packages
Our packages are full solutions. There are no hidden fees with 1Office, all you need is included.
Perfect package for small and starting businesses.
155€ / mo
+ 469€ / one-time fee
Package to start and grow your business in Ireland.
260€ / mo
+ 680€ / one-time fee
Specially designed package with automated e-commerce connections.
380€ / mo
+ 730€ / one-time fee
Company registration
Includes the state fee.
Ultimate beneficial owner & corporate tax
Some registrations are mandatory when establishing a company in Ireland. We will provide you with everything you need for your new company.
NEW My Money account and IBAN
1Office customers can access fast global transfers, borderless cards and bank-beating FX rates through My Money, your financial home, powered by Airwallex. My Money is included in all 1Office packages - with Freelance package 1 free account opening, with Expand and E-commerce up to 2 account openings.
Registered address service
With secure and easy digital post management system through my1Office platform
Company secretary service
Includes the First Annual Return.
My Invoices
Easily create sales invoices inside my1Office platform, send out the invoices to clients directly from the platform and get an overview of the invoices with a possibility to mark if the invoices are paid or not.
NEW My Purchases
Upload expense documents via My Purchases dashboard, forward expense documents via e-mail or by taking a picture of the documents and uploading it directly to My Purchases via my1Office mobile app.
Domestic VAT registration and declarations.
Preparing and submitting VAT registration (one application) and bi-monthly declarations.
Dedicated accountant
An experienced accountant from our team to work with your company.
Processing up to 30 transaction / month
Sales invoices, purchase invoices, expense documents, bank statement transactions. Additional transaction volumes are available for an extra fee of 25 € / per 30 extra entries.
E-commerce accounting
Automated system for monthly transactions up to 500. Additional transactions available for an extra fee of 25 € / per 500 extra transactions.
IOSS/OSS registration and declarations
Preparing and submitting IOSS/OSS application and monthly/quarterly declarations.
Annual accounting + annual directors income tax return
Minimum subscription period for annual report is one financial year. Price includes transaction volume up to 100 for Freelance package. Additional annual accounting transaction volumes are available for an extra one-time fee of 100 € / per 100 extra documents.
Needed when none of the company's directors is from EEA. It's a special insurance covering €25,000 to the government.
2000 €
2000 €
2000 €
Director's package for non-residents
A director of an Irish company will be required to register for Income Tax. In order to register for taxes and file a return the director will need to obtain an Irish PPSN (Personal Public Service Number).
420 €
420 €
420 €
Company seal
Company seal is a tool for embossing the name of the company on legal documents - the seal ensures authenticity and acts as the signature of the company.
70 €
70 €
70 €
PAYE services
One-time fee for PAYE registration is 210€. Monthly subscription for payroll services (up to 3 employees) is 60€.
from 210 €
from 210 €
from 210 €
Additional EU VAT registrations and declarations for e-commerce
Necessary if your company becomes VAT liable in another EU country.
from 300 €
Perfect solution for starting businesses.
155€ / mo + 469€ one-time fee
A complete set of services for expanding an existing business to Ireland.
260€ / mo + 670€ one-time fee
To start out and manage your e-commerce business in Ireland.
380€ / mo + 730€ one-time fee

Services are provided based on 1Office Terms of Service.

Didn’t find a suitable solution? Let us know and we will do our best to develop our services.

Why to start your business in Ireland?


Everything 100% Online

  • Quick & easy process
  • No need to travel
  • Also possible for non-EEA residents

Stable & Open Economy

  • Welcoming for foreign startups
  • Low unemployment rate
  • A member of the EU, Eurozone, and OECD

Favourable Tax System

  • Corporate tax rate of 12,5%
  • Double Taxation Treaty network
  • Tax incentives that support R&D startups

Location & Connectivity

  • Only English-speaking Eurozone country
  • Youngest population in Europe
  • Good strategic location between the UK, Europe and US
Start a company in United Kingdom or Ireland

Berit Janson

Market Growth Manager

“As a perfectionist, I am driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence in everything I do. I have an innate attention to detail and a strong desire to deliver work of the highest quality. While this mindset can be demanding, it fuels my commitment to continuously improve and achieve exceptional results.”

Tel: +44 20 3868 9958


Why 1Office?

Fully online process, no difficult forms or extra hassle

You can start the company online and add all the services you might need – registered address, secretary service, monthly accounting, corporate tax registration and different legal services. You can even add suitable banking solutions and/or bond option.

Full package with monthly subscriptions

Our packages include a one-time fee for starting a company and monthly subscription payments for additional services like address, secretary and accounting. With subscriptions you don’t have to worry about paying invoices every month. All our fees also include state fees.

Supporting all businesses from freelancers to e-commerce sellers

It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer just starting out your business, an e-commerce seller looking for cost-efficient solutions or an existing business wanting to expand. We have a suitable solution for you!

Secure process and trustworthy licensed company

We have been operating 14 years in 6 different European countries and serving thousands of clients. We have local teams with international experiences & know-how. All companies registered with 1Office are regarded as trustworthy and compliant.

All 1Office customers get access to My Money

Free & online

account opening

(incl. IBAN account)

Trade locally and

globally with bank-

beating FX rates

Simple pricing,

no monthly or

annual fees

Fast global transfers

and borderless


Irish company is perfect for:

Startups and Digital Nomads

Ireland is one of the friendliest and biggest startup hubs in EU. It’s really the best place to carry out your original ideas and launch your startup.

E-commerce sellers

By registering a company in Ireland you can conveniently start selling your products on Amazon marketplaces and use Amazon warehouse in Ireland.

Buying and selling physical goods

We also support all the businesses that operate in wholesale or other sectors that require buying and selling physical goods.

Freelancers and contractors

In EU it is not possible to issue invoices as a freelancer if you don’t have a company. So, the easiest solution is to start a company with access to the EU market

Opening your business has never been easier

Sign up to

my1Office and fill

in the form

Add additional

services like bond,

PPSN and banking

if needed

We will go over

the information &

send you docu-

ments for signing

Print documents

out, sign them and

upload back to


Your company

will be registered

within 5 working


We start providing

services and you

can start your

business activities

Overview about what we offer:

My Company

All our packages include an Irish company and mandatory registrations.
Everything you need for establishing a company (including the state fee) and the main registrations you need for that new company (ultimate beneficial owner and corporate tax registration) are already a part of the package. No hidden fees!

My Virtual Office

Registered address service is mandatory for all Irish companies.
Our address service comes with a convenient my1Office platform where you can access, read and manage all your post digitally. You’ll also need a company secretary service, with us it already includes the first annual accounts.

My Accounting

Every company needs accounting at some level.
The exact level depends on your activities. Therefore we have different packages that include exactly what you might need. From the freelance package for creating invoices inside our program to expand package for a dedicated accountant with regular declarations and VAT registration to specially designed e-commerce accounting package. 

Additional services

We also offer a variety of additional services.
Bond, Company seal, Payroll services, additional EU VAT registrations, Personal public service number (PPSN), Income tax registration, and much more. Just let us know and we will find a solution. 1Office customers can also open My Money account and IBAN free of charge. You can add the solution directly from my1Office – no branch visits required.


Who can register a company in my1Office?

The portal can be used by both residents and non-residents of Ireland. But it is perfect for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start their business in Ireland. The portal is designed to make registering a company easier than it is in the official Companies Registration Office (CRO).

We accept customers from all over the world except limitations due to anti-money laundering policies. Therefore we can’t, unfortunately, support countries who are on FATF High-Risk countries list, in FATF Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring list, or in the EU high-risk countries list.

Can I start any kind of business with 1Office?

Yes, almost any kind. We offer our services to startups, freelancers and contractors (software developers, IT experts, business consultants, marketing & sales specialists, designers, translators etc), companies working in wholesale, transport, IT, healtcare, construction, consulting, e-commerce etc. Unfortunately we can’t serve clients who deal with cryptocurrency.

Which taxes do I have to pay?

Every person’s and company’s tax obligations are different and depend on several circumstances. To find out which tax obligations or tax risks you specifically have, please contact us.

Who has to submit annual report? What happens if I don't submit the annual accounts?

Submitting annual report is required for all companies registered in Ireland even if there is no activity during the financial year. When the annual report is not submitted, penalties may apply.