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Starting package for new entrepreneurs

32,580.00 SEK 29,580.00 SEK

We have helped hundreds of companies to start their business in Sweden. In this package we have gathered together all the services necessary for taking up business in Sweden.

Starting package for a foreign company

11,040.00 SEK

If you wish to start doing business in Sweden with your existing foreign company, this package is perfect for you. In this package we have gathered together all the services necessary for starting business in Sweden with a company with foreign background.

Starting business in Sweden consultation

1,800.00 SEK

If you are not sure what option you should use to start with your business activities in Sweden, our consultation is perfect for you. We will cover everything – suitable starting options; company’s structure, liabilities, due dates; taxations and laws in Sweden.

international tax consultation

International tax consultation

900.00 SEK

The consultation is designed to give the overview about taxation of cross-border business activities and transactions. The exact content of the consultation depends on the questions you have.

Legal consultation

900.00 SEK

Our lawyers can help and advise you on many different legal topics. Just contact us and let us know how can we help you.

Permanent establishment registration package

8,300.00 SEK

Permanent establishment is suitable for foreign companies who wish to offer temporary service in Sweden. We offer a package for registering a permanent establishment which includes all the necessary procedures ja registrations.

Liquidation of Swedish company

12,000.00 SEK

Liquidation of Swedish company is simple using 1Office service. Local liquidator must be appointed. The process takes time but we will take care of the whole process for you.