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Starting package for a foreign company

11,040.00 SEK

If you wish to start doing business in Sweden with your existing foreign company, this package is perfect for you. In this package we have gathered together all the services necessary for starting business in Sweden with a company with foreign background.

open office workstations

Open office workstations

2,000.00 SEK

Rent a workstation in an open office in the central area of Stockholm, starting from 2000 SEK. Workstation is a suitable option if you work alone and don’t need the entire room for yourself, but want to enjoy all the perks of a well-equipped office, such as internet, meeting room, front desk, coffee, etc. The office is located near the public transport and can be easily accessed by car.

Private office in Stockholm

Private office in the centre of Stockholm

12,000.00 SEK

Private office in a central location in Stockholm is a suitable option if you want all the perks of a well-equipped office (internet, meeting room, front desk and coffee) but don’t want to figure out all of these little details yourself. The office is located near the public transport and is easily accessed by car.

Meeting room in Stockholm

Meeting room rent

200.00 SEK

Fully furnished private meeting room with all the necessary office equipment in the city centre of Stockholm.

Secretary services

500.00 SEK

Free up your time from routine everyday tasks and focus on your real business. Suitable for companies without a full-time secretary and to those who need assistants help occasionally.