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Starting a business in Sweden – consultation

2,400.00 SEK

If you are not sure what option you should use to start with your business in Sweden, our consultation is perfect for you. We will cover everything – suitable starting options; company’s structure, liabilities, due dates; taxations and laws in Sweden.


The consultation is designed to give the overview about topics related to starting a business in Sweden.

Included in the price:

  • The exact content of the consultation depends on the questions you have.

Most often we cover topics related to:

  • Situation analysis for finding best solutions for your business;
  • Introduction to Swedish accounting;
  • Dividends and taxation;
  • Salary calculations;
  • Tax treaties between Sweden and other countries;
  • Gross-border VAT taxation.

Available for an extra fee:

  • International tax consultation
  • Legal consultation

Process flow:

  • Send us your questions so we could evaluate the volume of the consultation
  • We will send you the price offer and agree on the volume of work
  • Consultation can be done over phone, Skype or sent over in written form

Important information:

  • Since the content and volume of consultation depends on your needs, then we will always agree on the exact volume of the consultation beforehand.
  • Please be prepared to list your main questions and concerns about planned business activities.
  • If you wish to cancel the consultation, then it must be done at least 48 hours before the consultation time. If the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours before the consultation, we will not refund the money paid for the service.