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Accounting made easy – automated accounting service that tracks your results in real-time, gives you access to
everything you can dream of and offers full-time support from our professional team.

Why choose 1Office accounting service?

It’s easy!

  • Just log in and see all your company’s information in one place
  • Using cloud-based accounting software means less effort and of course less paperwork for you.
  • Software is used for invoicing, day-to-day accounting and record-keeping, it supports bank transactions and invoicing in over 160 different currencies.
  • Automated bank/PayPal feeds that will import transactions from your bank or financial institution directly into your account, eliminating the need to import transactions manually.

It’s accessible!

  • Accounting with us is location-independent. Access all your data from all over the world in real-time.
  • And if the computer is not near just use your mobile phone.
  • Business results of last 12 months, information about your most-sold products and overview about unreceived invoices – everything’s here!

It’s professional!

  • We have a team of accountants who have international experience and are up to date with all the local regulations.
  • Whether you do business locally or globally – we have all the know-how you need
  • We will find fast and thorough solutions specifically suitable for you.

It meets your every need!

  • Want to get access to everything and create client invoices yourself? Sure, you can do that with our software.
  • Want to keep it simple and let us and the program do all the work in the background? Just let us know.
  • You can choose a solution that is most convenient for you.

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