Start a Company in Sweden

Sweden’s business climate is favourable for foreign entrepreneurs. With its stable economy, low level of corruption, and friendly business culture it is a good place to do business. However, the bureaucracy level is rather high and starting process can be complicated. But don’t worry – 1Office helps you with starting your business in Sweden!

How can 1Office help you in starting a business in Sweden?

  • With ready-made company – therefore, the process is quick
  • Includes all necessary services for getting started
  • Very convenient – the share capital can be paid in later
  • Specifically designed for doing construction business
  • Includes all necessary services for your business + accounting
  • No need for a separate company, just tax registrations
  • Do business in Sweden with your existing company
  • Includes all necessary services for your new business
  • Also available: consultation about joining Swedish Trade Unions
  • The fastest and easiest way to start a company in Sweden
  • Just a company, no extra services included
  • No need to open a local bank account first

Why to choose 1Office:

Comprehensive Solutions Covering the Full Life-Cycle of a Company

1Office packages include all the services you need for starting the business and for following the local laws. Our services don’t end with setting the business up – we can help you with accounting, annual reports, tax registrations, and even getting the IBAN account.

Local Team with International Experiences

Whether you do business locally or globally, we have all the know-how you might need. With multiple offices in 7 different countries in Europe, specialized in helping international entrepreneurs, we have answers to even the most complicated questions.

Secure Process and Trustworthy Company

We have been operating for more than 14 years, therefore all companies registered with 1Office are regarded as trustworthy and compliant. Your delicate data is treated in accordance to GDPR rules and we collect it only to meet all anti-money laundering regulations.

Transparent & Fair Pricing Without Hidden Costs

We make business simple and provide full solutions. Instead of showing the lowest possible cost, we offer services that are actually needed. All our fees always include state and administrative fees meaning no unexpected or hidden costs for you.

Process steps:

Choose the services you need. If not sure, book a consultation or contact
Make the purchase and answer the questions that will be sent to you by our specialists.
We prepare all the documents, forms and applications and submit the necessary information.
You are ready to start your business activities in Sweden.


Why choose a Swedish ready-made company?/ Why is it better to buy a Swedish AB?

It is the fastest and easiest way to start a business in Sweden. The bank account can be opened later and the share capital must be paid in at the end of the first financial year, not right away. The minimum share capital requirement is SEK 25,000.

How many board members the company must have?

The company’s board must consist of at least 3 board members or at least of 1-2 board members and 1 substitute member.

When is the contact person necessary?

If at least half of the board members and/or substitute members are not residents of the European Economic Area, a contact person is mandatory.

Why is registered address service necessary?

Every company registered in Sweden needs a local address that appears in the Swedish business register. In most cases, the business address cannot be a private residence.

How fast will the ready-made company be registered to the new owners?

From the time the signed documents have reached the business register, the processing time is about 10 working days.

When can the new owners start business activities with the company?

If the company is registered to the new owners, the company can start making contracts, but in order to start business activities, it is also necessary to apply for tax registration (F-Skatt, VAT registration, registering as an employer if the company has employees). Applying for tax registrations takes about four weeks.

How often does the company have to submit the declarations?

The salary declaration is submitted by the 12th day of each month. The turnover declaration is submitted either monthly or quarterly by the 12th day.

What is the deadline for submitting annual report and income tax declaration?

The annual report must be submitted to the business register seven months after the end of the financial year. The income declaration must be submitted to the tax office six months after the end of the financial year.